High School/ College Sports Performance

RAW Training Sports Performance

R.A.W. Training Sports Performance is committed to improving our athletes overall athletic capabilities with the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model in mind. We believe in setting these athletes up for long term success down the road and not only for their current season. In our Sports Performance programs, we work on all major characteristics of athletic performance to help shape a well rounded athlete. These qualities include, but are not limited to, systemic strength, explosive power, acceleration and deceleration techniques, top end speed, plyometrics, agility and quality mechanics. We also train our athletes energy systems to meet the demands of their sport, whether it be more anaerobic or aerobic in nature. These programs all include education into recovery techniques, injury prevention, and nutrition recommendation to support their health.

RAW Training Sports Performance works with athletes in a variety of settings.

These are:

Team training, Small/Large Groups, RAW Power Speed Performance Program or Individual setting.

Team Training

Team Training - Do you want to keep your entire team training together to strengthen the team bond and create a fun and exciting atmosphere? Then our experienced coaches are committed to working with you on designing a program that meets the demands of their sport. Our team training programs are all created on a case by case basis, so please reach out to us at amy@raw-training.com for details.

Group Power Speed Performance (PSP)

Interested in training with us to improve on your athletic performance but like the idea of training with other athletes? Then our RAW PSP (Power-Speed-Performance) program would be a great fit. This group program is run twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5:00 - 6:15pm and is targeted for the High School level athlete (ages 14-18). In this program, we focus on building the fundamentals. You will learn speed mechanics in acceleration, deceleration and top end speed. You will strengthen motor patterns such as squatting, pushing, pulling and bending and power will be built on top of the foundation of strength training. If you are interested, please reach out to us at keith@raw-training.com

Individual Design for Sports Performance (IDSP)

Have you been training with us for a long period of time? Or have you built a large base of fitness already? If so, this program can be the best option for you to reach the next level. Once athletes have reached a certain amount of experience, they need more advanced training programs to create adaptations. Not only that, but as athletes mature, the level of specificity must start narrowing down. With our individualized programs, you will work one on one with a coach who will design a program personalized to your unique needs as a person and an athlete. Meaning we take into account your training background, medical and injury history, lifestyle, nutrition, current sport and goals to create a holistic program just for you. We offer two options; In-season (2 days/week) and Off-season (3-5 days/week). If you are interested in learning more, please reach out to us keith@raw-training.com