RAW CrossFit for Teens

RAW CrossFit for Teens (ages 13-17)

This program will be a place where your motivated teen can take their first plunge into the sport of CrossFit while in an encouraging, small group environment surrounded by their peers. Classes will be designed to introduce your teen to CrossFit and the fundamentals of Power/Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, and proper running technique. Classes will begin with a warm-up and include skill practice to corresponding movements, as well as strength development. Each of these aspects will be specifically designed to be accessible and appropriate to teenaged athletes. Classes will finish with a Workout of the Day (WOD), designed to challenge work capacity, endurance, skill, and strength, all in a fun confidence-building environment. This is a 1 hour session and $100.00 per month. Limited space available

To register and learn more about days and times- Click Here or email us at info@raw-training.com

Class Pre-requisite: NONE! Open to all levels