R.A.W. Rebuild

Whether you are just beginning your fitness journey, coming back from a significant time off of training, or looking for something different let RAW Rebuild help you REALIZE THE ATHLETE WITHIN. This session is designed for beginners and individuals who want to take control of their physical fitness or REBUILD the fitness they once had. Raw Rebuild will focus on restoring the physical and mental aspect of physical fitness with clients of all ages. We will be introducing a series of essential functional movements with an emphasis on increasing mobility, strength and metabolic conditioning. Leave your intimidation at home. RAW-Rebuild’s nationally accredited Coaches will provide an atmosphere where individuals will recapture their confidence while performing effective movement patterns that will make everyday life tasks easier and improve your overall health. Let our results speak for themselves. Time to REBUILD and move forward with your fitness/wellness journey while having FUN!

You do not need to go through our Fundamentals course to attend RAW Re-Build. There is also a separate pricing option for those attending RAW Re-Build only.

RAW Rebuild Monthly Membership (Limited to 2 classes per week $125.00)

* We are offering a free trial for all new clients. If you would like to take advantage of this free trial please contact Amy@raw-training.com to schedule. Or Click here to try a free trial!

Class Pre-requisite: NONE! Open to all levels