Marathon Training

The marathon training at RAW Training is not your typical endurance program. We focus on eliminating unnecessary volume and replace it with high intensity interval training. Replacing long slow distance with high intensity runs and workouts results is shorter time spent training while more efficiently building endurance and stamina and strength. The programming seamlessly integrates RAW Training’s CrossFit sessions, which include Olympic weightlifting, strength training, gymnastics movements, explosive activity and mobility all with the goal of building power and speed. With careful planning this program increases these two mainstays of performance while decreasing training time, improving performance and decreasing injury.

Another key component of RAW Training’s marathon training is the customization of the program to each runner. On a weekly basis training results are collected and reviewed and each runner is given support, feedback and target paces for the following week based on their individual goals. Whether you want to complete your first marathon, set a personal record or qualify for a marathon, our training will get you to where you want to be!

Class Pre-requisite: CrossFit Experience Required: A minimum of 4 months of exposure to CrossFit is needed to participate. All those training for the marathon must be current Monthly Unlimited members at RAW Training. For more information on our Marathon Training Program contact Janine Marcoux at