Before joining RAW, all new clients are required to complete our Fundamentals Program (unless you have previous CrossFit experience). Our Fundamentals course comprises of a mandatory 4 sessions (delivered over a week and a half period) the emphasis is placed on skill development and exposure to the basic movements. We have developed our Fundamentals program here at RAW and designed it to set you up for success in our main group workouts.

The Fundamentals program is open to ANY SKILL LEVEL. You do not need to get in shape before coming. Once you have completed our Fundamentals program then you can begin attending On-Ramp classes. This will help integrate you into our workout community, prepare you for the regular classes and set you up for success with your workouts.

Register for our Fundamentals by clicking here!

We also want you to know that although the registration requires payment to secure your spot, you can consider your first session at RAW is a FREE session and that we offer a 100% refund if you attend your first session and decide that RAW isn't for you.

Cost for 4 Small Group sessions is $155.

Personal Training Fundamentals
We also offer Personal Training Fundamentals for those who cannot make the days or times of the Fundamentals course. This option is 4 training sessions scheduled with one of our coaches on days and times that are convenient for you. The cost to complete fundamentals with a personal trainer is $200. Contact us at to schedule these sessions.