Jamie Matteucci
October 5, 2016
Sean Postler
October 8, 2016

Keith Deninno

- Crossfit - L1 Trainer
- Precision Nutrition Level 1 (Pn1)
- OPEX Level 1 Coaching Certification Program
- IYCA High School Strength and Conditioning Specialist
- Olympic Lifting Seminar with Don McCauley
- Former 4 year Collegiate Soccer Player
- AED and CPR Certified
- B.S. in Mechanical Engineering Technology

What do you love most about RAW Training?

The atmosphere. It's always positive and flowing with energy. There is always something going on and people around.

Why is exercise and physical fitness so important to you?

It's fun and challenging. I enjoy working on making myself better each and every day and not getting comfortable being comfortable. It's also just important to stay healthy throughout our entire lives.

What excites you the most when being a coach?

Watching people reach their goals. Not even end goals, but the steps it takes to get there. Seeing the process work. And probably most importantly, seeing the hard work we as coaches put in come to fruition by clients making progress.

What motivates you to train the way you do?

I can't expect average for myself and I always have a burning desire to be the best I can be.

How has exercise and fitness impacted your life?

It changed my career. It kept me on the path I was on with athletics growing up, which could very possibly not be the case now. I've created new relationships that are probably life long relationships. I've affected people lives in a positive way, which is a reciprocating process.