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2342 Wildwood Rd, Suite 200, Gibsonia, PA 15044
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CrossFit is focused on maximizing a persons potential in all aspects of their fitness - strength, cardiovascular endurance, respiratory endurance, power, speed, stamina, flexibility, coordination, agility, balance, and accuracy. Whether you are an elite athlete or sedentary office workers, kids to seniors. CrossFit is a broad and inclusive program encompassing weightlifting, body weight exercises, rowing, running, pushing, pulling, climbing and more!

Class pre-requisite: Must complete our Beginner Class or have previous CrossFit experience before attending this session.

R.A.W. Workout

The goal of this class is to provide members of all levels the opportunity to increase strength and aerobic capacity while offering variety to their current exercise programs. This workout is high intensity, constantly varied and uses functional movements to create an effective total body workout! This time tested training method will develop functional strength, explosive speed, power, lean muscle mass, and endurance all wrapped in one.

R.A.W. Legends (50+)

This class is designed for members of the ages 50 and older who are wanting to reduce their risks of chronic illnesses, increase energy and strength, boost mental alertness and improve quality of life. Our coaches will introduce essential functional movements with an emphasis on improving clients’ mobility, balance, strength, and metabolic conditioning along with a welcoming environment. The class is designed to make everyday life tasks easier and give you a chance to take responsibility for your health. If you are seeking a more active life as a senior or wanting more energy then this class is for you!

We are offering a Legends Free Trial.

Cardio Assault

Cardio Assault is a high intensity interval training challenge open to all fitness levels. We keep the skill set low and the energy high! This class utilizes a variety of cardio equipment, sleds, kettlebells, dumbbells, ropes, wall balls, slam balls and body weight movements. Every session provides new functional fitness challenges, new modalities and new faces. You’ll get to experience CrossFit without the barbell!

CrossFit Games Competitive Program

Over the years, R.A.W. Training has developed a CrossFit Games/Competitive Athlete program for those that have aspirations of competing at a Crossfit Semi-final or Crosffit Games. We have over 11 athletes that have qualified for semi-finals and/or Crossfit Games as Individuals. In addition, An Affiliate Team that has been to the CrossFit Games 5 times so far.

  • 2010 (20th- Affiliate)
  • 2011 (12th- Affiliate)
  • 2012 (5th- Affiliate)
  • 2013 (21st- Affiliate)
  • 2018 (19th- Affiliate)
  • 2021 (17th- Master Athlete)
  • 2022 (1st- Adaptive Athlete)

Class pre-requisite: high-level CrossFit ability

Personal Training

Personal training is an effective way to achieve your individual fitness goals. Your Coach will meet you where you are today, assess your movement patterns, and design a program specifically targeted to meet your needs. Private coaching is recommended if you have been sedentary for a long period of time, are training for a specific event, have significant health limitations, or just prefer the one on one attention and accountability. Contact us for our rates.

R.A.W. Remote

RAW Remote is our remote programming delivered daily to your inbox for $50/month. The RAW Remote membership option gives you 6 days of programming (Monday through Saturday) that will take you from start to finish and can be done anywhere at anytime. Included is access to our video library as well as access to our RAW Coaching staff with any questions or needs for substitutions or scaling options.

R.A.W. Youth
(Ages 9-13)

This class is for kids from the ages 9-13, whether you play a sport or not. We designed it to develop body awareness and build overall fitness and confidence in young athletes. We incorporate basic bodyweight movements, conditioning, and basic strength development using functional exercises. We include basic nutrition recommendations, team workouts and challenges to encourage social interactions and fun.

This is a year-long program that offers ongoing registration. Times and class sessions change throughout the year depending on the school/sports seasons.

ATTENTION PARENTS - A waiver is required by all athletes participating. If your child is returning to our program please stop by the desk to make sure we have an updated waiver and current information on file. Click here to access the Youth Waiver

CrossFit for Teens (Ages 13-17)

This program will be a place where your motivated teen can take their first plunge into the sport of CrossFit. Classes will be designed to introduce your teen to the fundamentals of Power/Olympic lifting, Gymnastics, and proper running technique. Classes will begin with a warm-up and include skill practice to corresponding movements and strength development. Each of these aspects will be specifically designed to be accessible and appropriate to teenaged athletes. Classes will finish with a Workout of the Day (WOD), designed to challenge work capacity, endurance, skill, and strength, all in a fun confidence-building environment.

Sports Performance

For high school and collegiate athletes

This class is committed to improving our athletes overall athletic capabilities with the LTAD (Long Term Athletic Development) model in mind. We believe in setting these athletes up for long term success down the road and not only for their current season. We work on all major characteristics of athletic performance to help shape a well rounded athlete. These qualities include, but are not limited to, systemic strength, explosive power, acceleration and deceleration techniques, top end speed, plyometrics, agility and quality mechanics. We also train our athletes energy systems to meet the demands of their sport, whether it be more anaerobic or aerobic in nature. These programs all include education into recovery techniques, injury prevention, and nutrition recommendation to support their health.

RAW Training Sports Performance works with athletes in a variety of settings:

  • Team Training
  • Small/Large Groups
  • Group Power Speed Performance Program
  • Individual Setting