Keith Deninno
October 6, 2016
Sean Postler
October 8, 2016

Briana Gongloff

-Crossfit – L1 Trainer
- Crossfit - Gymnastics Certified Instructor
- Crossfit - CrossFit Kids Certified
- 2.5 years of fitness training experience
- 10 years of coaching experience
- NCAA Division 1 Diver
- NCAA Scholarship Athlete
- Bachelors of Business Administration in Accounting from Iona College
- Certificate in Public Accounting from Iona College
- AED and CPR Certified

What do you love most about RAW Training?

I really love all of the people that create the fun and inspiring environment at R.A.W. There is an amazing sense of community. You can just feel the passion for fitness as soon as you walk through the doors. Everyone comes to R.A.W. to work hard and that inspires me to work harder. It pushes me to become a better coach.

Why is exercise and physical fitness so important to you?

Fitness and exercise should be important to everyone! It is important to me because it's necessary for a healthy/ functional lifestyle. It's also fun! Fitnessing is my favorite pastime.

What excites you the most when being a coach?

My most favorite part about coaching is working with the same people day in and day out and watching them improve. It's so rewarding to be a part of someones fitness journey and see how far they go with it. They are more capable and stronger for their families. They gain confidence. They take that strength and confidence and apply it to life outside the gym.

How has exercise and fitness impacted your life?

Fitness and exercise IS my life. It's my passion! I found my love of fitness through my strength and conditioning coach in college. That's about the time I really started getting into it. I completed college as an accounting major and started working for a Big 4 Firm. After a year of working in Public Accounting, the owner at my old box asked me to quit my job and work for him full time. I was just crazy enough to do it! Now I have the best job in the world coaching and inspiring others to reach their fitness goals!