Sean Lauster
October 9, 2016
Molly Tuman
October 12, 2016

Amy Jo Butteri

- Crossfit – L1 Trainer
- Crossfit - Running and Endurance Sports Training
- USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
- Certification through National Council of Certified Personal Trainers
- Over 20 Years of experience in the fitness industry
- AED and CPR Certified

What do you love most about RAW Training?

I am so taken back by all the relationships that have formed at RAW. I love the diversity in our Community and the people I come in contact with everyday. I have fulfilled a dream that I never thought I could achieve. A true blessing Is when one looks forward to Going to "work" everyday, and I do.

Why is exercise and physical fitness so important to you?

Its how I am wired. Honestly, my family can verify since a very small child overcoming any physical challenges thrown my way was my favorite past time. Playing almost every sport at one time or another in my life has allowed me to meet so many good people, given me great memories and stories I laugh about til this day. Human movement is fascinating to me and what makes me tick.

What excites you the most when being a coach?

Connecting with my clients on an individual basis. Their goals are my goals and when accomplished together it is a great feeling. It is my hope that I can make a difference in some small way.

How has exercise and fitness impacted your life?

My love of physical activity has propelled me to exactly where I want to be. I love what do and I could not be happier.