Maria Litwiler
January 11, 2016

Kevin Bezier

- American Council on Exercise Certified Personal Trainer
- USAW Weightlifting Sports Performance Coach
- 3 years as company fitness instructor in U.S. Marine Corps
- Over four years as swim coach/instructor
- AED and CPR Certified

What do you love most about RAW Training?

To put it simply, the thing I love the most is the community. Every time I find myself describing the RAW experience to someone, I always refer to the community as my second family. I tell them the RAW “family” will be there to help you tackle the hard times both inside and outside of the gym. It will push you to strive harder than you ever thought possible. For these things I will always be grateful to be a part of RAW.

Why is exercise and physical fitness so important to you?

Exercise and fitness has always been important to me throughout my life for myriad of reasons. During my adolescence and high school years, exercise and fitness helped me improve my performance in sports it also played an integral part in my overall physical readiness and mental discipline as a member of the United States Marine Corps. Exercise and the pursuit of fitness create continual challenges in my life and reinforce my resolve to never give up on something simply because it’s difficult.

What excites you the most when being a coach?

There are two major things that really excite me about coaching. The first is the look of eager anticipation and excitement on a member’s face when they come through the doors ready to challenge themselves in a tough work out The other is the satisfaction of witnessing a client accomplishing a goal they set for themselves, whether that’s getting their first bar muscle-up or conquering their fear of doing a box jump.

How has exercise and fitness impacted your life?

The continual pursuit of fitness has impacted me in virtually every aspect of my life. It has helped me learn and grow both physically and mentally as well as prepare me for both work and play, not to mention its ability to greatly reduce the negative effects of life’s stresses and frustrations.