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Kettlebells are considered "the ultimate tool for extreme all-around fitness". Promoters of kettlebell training verify that the advantages of kettlebell training go far beyond that of other training equipment.

Here are the top 5 benefits of training with kettlebells according to the experts:

1. Kettlebell training is several different workouts combined into one.
Kettlebell movements will develop strength, endurance, and flexibility at the same time faster than any other method. There is no need to have separate workouts for strength training, cardio, flexibility, and core. Kettlebells do it all and more - training all the muscles together giving you a great functional workout.

2. High repetition kettlebell training is a great aerobic (as well as anaerobic) workout.
Gain the endurance and stamina of marathon runners (without the running) while at the same time increasing your VO2max. Bottom line, with kettlebell training, you'll get the best of both worlds!

3. The kettlebell will give you infinite freedom of lifting.

You may lift the kettlebell in an infinite number of ways. Kettlebell exercises uniquely strengthen the muscles that provide stability and support. Traditional weightlifting actually discourages the use of stabilizing muscles, ligaments, and tendons and target one particlar muscle group at a time. Kettlebells work out a greater number of body parts at once and as a result will burn fat, add muscle definition, strengthen tendons and ligaments and create overall increased functional strength.

4. Because of its design, using kettlebells minimize the risk of training injury.
Shoulder injuries are virtually unheard of in people who train with kettlebells. In addition, the position of the handle allows dynamic passing of the kettlebell from hand to hand for a great variety of powerful exercises strongly endorsed by the Russian Federation State Committee on Physical Culture. These drills develop dynamic strength and injury-proof the body in many planes unlike conventional linear exercise.

5. In a short period of time it is possible to burn hundreds of calories.
Kettlebell training can be time efficient, incredibly intense and effective, and so much fun! It can be done anywhere too! (We will come up with some fun and creative ways to use the kettlebell!)

Make no mistake about it - kettlebell training is not another passing fad. The benefits of kettlebell training are undeniable which is precisely why many of the top strength coaches in the world such as Coach John Davies, Christian Thibaudeau, Steve Maxwell, and Wake Forest coach Ethan Reeve have incorporated kettlebells into thier athletes training regimines.

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