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Cardio Kickboxing
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Workout Overview
Fundamentals is an introduction to Realize the Athlete Within, LLC and our training concepts. It is a prerequisite for all new clients. The purpose is to expose potential clients to basic movement patterns and modalities we use at RAW. We will conduct an initial assessment, review medical history,establish goals, expectations and past exercise experience. We will end our session with an effective workout based on your assessment,ensuring proper recruitment patterns. Our Fundamentals program will then be a total of 5 more sessions in order to learn all the skills necessary to be able to train at RAW. Please click HERE to register and get started by setting up your complimentary initial session.

At R.A.W. TRAINING we believe that quality of movement and proper execution is essential in order for our clients to achieve their fitness goals safely and effectively. RAW-Lite is the bridge from our Fundamentals sessions into our group training sessions. We will establish workloads, repetitions and safe range of motion that will be used to build on in future workouts. Once this is established we will continue to work on building strength and cardiovascular endurance until we feel that clients are ready to "graduate" and move into our group-training sessions. The amount of time that each client spends in RAW-Lite varies with every person. RAW-LITE provides a safe, motivating, and effective environment at a slower pace. NO EXCUSES!

Class Pre-Requisite

Open to all levels!

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Getting Started

To get started, follow these three steps.

1. Register Now
2. We will then contact you to set up your initial session/start date.
3. Show up on your scheduled date!
It's really that simple! Don't wait - register today to get in to your first fundamentals session and we will guide you from there to start working out and feeling great!!

Class Pre-Requisite

Open to all levels!

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