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Cardio Kickboxing
A great way for kids to have fun
and be active.

Workout Overview
This session is great way for kids to be active and have a blast at the same time! Healthy living requires that our kids push, pull, run, throw, climb, lift, and jump, effectively and safely regardless of whether or not they play sports. We work with athletes, pre-schoolers, teen-agers, and children of all levels and body types. Nutrition tips will also be discussed and given at the end of each class.

This will be a motivating and fun environment designed to promote physical activity, teamwork, build self esteem, and make fitness fun. Kids should come dressed in comfortable clothing and bring a water bottle. No gameboys, DS's or other handheld devices allowed! Advanced registration is required. Please email Janine to register your child or for more information.

Class Pre-Requisite

Open to all levels!

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Single Class $5


Getting Started

To get started, follow these three steps.

1. Email Us
2. Fill out form and mail it in or drop it off at R.A.W.
3. Bring your child on their scheduled date and let us do the rest!

Class Pre-Requisite

Open to all levels!

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