On Ramp

These classes are designed for those athletes who are confident with their CrossFit movement patterns but may not be ready for the volume that many RX works out may require. Our RAW-Lite classes shadow the regular CrossFit programming. Our Coaches are prepared at each of these sessions to make the appropriate weight and repetition recommendations to meet an athletes unique abilities and needs.

Beginners class for those that have recently completed our Fundamentals program. On-RAMP is the bridge from our Fundamentals sessions into our group training sessions. We will establish workloads, repetitions and safe range of motion that will be used to build on in future workouts. Once this is established we will continue to work on building strength and cardiovascular endurance until we feel that clients are ready to "graduate" and move into our group-training sessions. The amount of time that each client spends in ON-RAMP varies with every person. ON-RAMP provides a safe, motivating, and effective environment at a slower pace. NO EXCUSES!

Class Pre-requisite: Must complete our Fundamentals program or have previous CrossFit experience before attending this session.