High School Programs

RAW Teen Program (ages 11-15)

This program is for Middle School Students (ages 11-15) whether you play a sport or not. It is a 5 week program (11 sessions total), designed to develop body awareness and build overall fitness and confidence in young athletes. We design our program to incorporate basic bodyweight movements, conditioning, and basic strength development using functional exercises. We include team workouts and challenges to encourage social interactions and fun. We also touch on basic nutritional recommendations but focus most of our time on improving their movement patterns and fitness level.

Our RAW Teen program is a great way to help prepare youth for the rigorous training of team sports or a great way to keep those who choose not to play a sport active. Our programming will push them physically and mentally and our motivating coaching team will provide a positive environment as well. Advanced registration is required.

This is a year long program that offers ongoing registration- Click Here or email us at info@raw-training.com for more information and to be placed on our email list so you do not miss an opportunity to sign up your athlete for our next session.

Class Pre-requisite: NONE! Open to all levels

RAW High School Program (ages 15 and up)

Make fitness your sport and feel more confident on the field or court. Our RAW High School sessions are designed for athletes (age 15+) who are in the off season, looking to try something new, or simply looking to workout with their friends in a fun and energetic atmosphere. Each training session includes a complete warm-up, core focus, strength segment, and conditioning piece - and will help to improve their athletic performance through increased strength, speed, flexibility, power, balance, endurance and agility. Each athlete will have the opportunity to learn exercises, drills, and lifts that will transfer into his/her sport and in life. Our Certified Coaching staff will stress proper mechanics, provide and age appropriate environment, and build confidence on and off the field of play.

If your teen is looking to improve their general fitness for life or improve their athletic potential for sport join us for a 5 week session (11 total classes).

Advanced registration is required.
Times and sessions change throughout the year depending on the school/sports seasons. Please Click HERE to register now or email us at info@raw-training.com for more information.

Class Pre-requisite: None- Open to all levels